This is the left brain/right brain rants page. Here you will get not only one side of any argument that strikes our fancy, but you will get the other side as well. Thereby, I (or actually: we) hope to confuse you and screw your mind so badly that you can no longer function in civilized society, thus removing one possible, though improbable, future intelligent person from the gene pool, plunging mankind deeper into chaos and savagery and life within a planetwide service economy. That's right! On one side, you'll get the logical, making-sorta-sense, pro-side of the argument, and on the other, you'll get the illogical, irrational, but still-got-some-kinda-sense-so-it-can't-be-completely-wrong argument. Won't that be fun? Why, I can hardly wait for the bombs to start falling and making my, yours, and everybody's street into a neighborhood version of WWI style trench warfare! Giggle..giggle..giggle!
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