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Tashabear's site of elegant embroidery and splendid stitching. You can't get this stuff this good anywhere else, done by a polar bearess no less! Ursa Major Custom Hand Embroidery
Since these guys are accountable for 83 point-something-something percent of hits for Bad Bunny Comics, they deserve a link! The Belfry Comics Page
And these guys too! Big Panda Comics
Aymei's Deathgoddess page...ooooo...Aymei, watcha gonna do? Aymei
Jarad's FurDom page for all yer furry news needs. The FurDom
Mattados De'Haceor's page of the neat and freekie. The Void
AnthroCon-dot-org...yep, there's an actual organization for us fuzzies. AnthroCon
What can I say? I love the concept of this corporation. These are the products you wish you could get, and the web page to push 'em. Evil People Inc.
Yeah, the UglyKitten's been euthanized, but the gangs still around at... The Speakeasy
A simple yet elegant comic strip that keeps you (and your neck) on the edge. Drink a pot of coffee or eight or ten beers before this one. Goats
Another comic strip that I stumbled across. This one's got Action! Scary Aliens! Gratuitous Bikini Shots! And a ferret named Kiki. Sluggy Freelance
A page of anthropomorphic art on FurNation...don't let your kids see this! FurNation/Wolfiespack
The most annoying site ever. Put this on with the volume low at work...soon everyone will have that insipid tune stuck in their heads! Dedadedatdedadeda... Hampsterdance!
This guy is just plain sick! Joe Cartoon...and a lot of gore!
And these guys too! Killfrog.com...BALLS!
Protect youself (to hell with your loved ones) from falling space debris. Go here! The sky is falling, oh wait...that MIR!
The site where the most bored - and least intelligent - get their news and reviews. Spaceghost News
Alright, I'm part of the D.N.R.C. You'd be too, if you had an appreciable I.Q. The Dilbert Zone
I didn't know this comic strip existed till I saw on in a Playboy Article on computers. Kevin and Kell
The Ultimate Rock Radio outlet in the Northeast. No posers in this station, damnit! Check out the staff pics. WAAF - (ding!)
Need to see what's going on in the African Bush? And no, that's not some euphemism for Kenyan Porn, you perv. See the (henh henh) bush.
A link for all you Furries out there: The Fur Ring
Other Crazy People's Rants
Is This Thing On? (formerly: The Caffeine Homepage) This person knows how to rant...she's gotta have an ejimakation. Is This Thing On?
Another ranter. This guy apparently has an actual life, too!. Foaming At The Mouth
These guys are just plain nuts...my kind o' people! Enjoy this slop from Sheer Terror, Negative Creep and Finster. P.I. Hates You!
Charleton Heston said it best. Take your stinkin' paws offa me, you... Damn Dirty Ape
The Rant-Fnord Bulldada Manifestation of the Reverend Chaos Gerbil. Your guess is as good as mine, folks. Rant-Fnord
At last, a ranter that effectively uses the shotgun approach to acidic protestations. The Misanthropic Bitch

Well, that's all for now kiddies. I promise I'll update these links later, maybe with some more sophisticated stuff. 'Til then, keep your shackles tight, and don't forget your "safety" word or she'll whip you all night long.

Go home, whimpy person that can't take a floggin' you!

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