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Wolfie's Furry Art Page
Dragon I Dragon II Dragons III Licats
(G) Dragons One (G) Dragons Two (PG) Dragons III (PG) Licats
Cavalier Jarad (c) Rick Hodgson) Vervain Delirium
(G) Cavalier (G) Jarad (PG) Vervain (PG) White-Delirium
Irine DarkKitten Mouse Juli-Cat
(PG) Irine (PG) DarkKitten (G) Mouse (PG) Juli-Cat
Snipe Cocooned Miertam (c) her player Tanker
(PG) Sniper (G) Cocooned (PG) MierTam (G) Tanker
Break Tyron (c) Rick Hodgson HunterKitty and Trace(c) their players Cocooned II - Arian_McKay(c) her player
(G) Break (G) Tyron (PG) HunterKitty and Trace (PG) Cocooned II
Ceilidh (c) her player Freija (c) her player Trenchcoat II (Juli-cat (c) her player) Freija (color version) (c) her player
(PG) Ceilidh (PG) Freija (PG) Trenchcoat II (PG) Freija (color)
Hard Tashabear (c) her player HollyFox (c) her player Looking Up (color version) Flying Lessons
(PG) Hard Tashabear (G) Hollyfox (G) Looking Up (G) Flying Lessons
Flying Lessons - (Color) Bearfoot - character (c) Ben Nelson Bearfoot II - character (c) Ben Nelson Trenchcoat III - Juli-cat (c) Ben Nelson
(G) Flying Lessons (G) Bearfoot (G) Bearfoot II (PG) Trenchcoat III
Bathtub - Tashabear and Chinua (c) their players Aw, cool! Overpowered (color) Voxel - Voxel (c) his player J.S.
(G) Bathtub (G) Aw, Cool! (G) Overpowered (G) Voxel
Corwynn (c) his players Mechanical Horse Unwilling Hostage Slipsin
(G) Corwynn (G) Mechanical Horse (PG) Unwilling Hostage (G) Slipsin
Storm's Comin' 3 Sacks Left Armed.  (Thirteen (c) her player) Seppuku
(G) Storm's Comin' (G) 3 Sacks Left (PG) Armed (PG) Seppuku
Rafters Absent Boss (Jarad and Tyron (c) Rick Hodgson) Aftermath Hard Subject (DarkWolfie (c) W.P.P.)
(G) Rafters (G) Absent Boss (G) Aftermath - Tribute to the F.D.N.Y. (G) Hard Subject
Hiroshima - Percheron (Hiroshima (c) his player) "> Mommabear's Gift (Tashabear (c) D. Sawyer, Hiroshima and alts (c) their player) Griz (Griz (c) his player) A Beastly Offensive Line(FCU (c) Further Confusion)
(G) Hiroshima - Percheron (G) Mommabear's Gift (G) Griz (G) A Beastly Offensive Line
Pyramid(FCU (c) Further Confusion / Hiroshima (c) her player) Pyramid - black and white version(FCU (c) Further Confusion / Hiroshima (c) her player) Pick Me Up (Kally (c) his player) Misdirected (DarkWolfie (c) Wolfie's Pack Productions
(G) Pyramid (G) Pyramid (b&w) (G) Pick Me Up! (G) Misdirected
Papa Snuggems (character (c) his player) Cub Snuggems (character (c) his player) "> Furrymouse (character (c) his player) Aneska (character (c) her player)
(G)Papa Snuggems (G) Cub Snuggems (G) Furrymouse (G) Aneska
Papa Snuggems (character (c) his player) Dessicatt ((c) Wolfie's Pack Productions) 72 Hours Dealing with a Mouse "> Bunique (Bunique (c) her player)
(G)Papa Snuggem's Cabin (G) Dessicatt (G) 72 Hours Dealing with a Mouse (G) Bunique
Pantherwill (Pantherwill (c) his player) Pantherwill (Colored version - Pantherwill (c) his player) Roborab Stargazers (Griz (c) his player/ Lavian (c) her player)
(G) PantherWill (G) PantherWill (colored version) (G) Roborab (PG) Stargazers
Aribelle (Aribelle (c) her player) The Golfer Aribelle with Spots(Aribelle (c) her player) Chastise
(PG) Aribelle (G) The Golfer (PG) Aribelle with Spots (G) Chastise
Chiaroscuro (Chiaroscuro (c) his player) Points (Points (c) Jonah Safar) Caught (Onix (c) her player) Points - Redux (Points (c) Jonah Safar)
(G) Chiaroscuro (G) Points (G) Caught (G) Points (Redux)
Fe'ath (Fe'ath (c) her player) Ice-Zetsumei - Alternates (Ice-Zetsumei (c) her player) Furrymouse (Color version - Furrymouse (c) his player) Lyosha and Hostage (Lyosha (c) her player)
(G) Fe'ath (G) Alternates (G) Furrymouse the Player (G) Lyosha and Her Hostage
Ice_Zetsumei (Ice_Zetsumei (c) her player) White Delirium(White_Delirium (c) her player) Midnight Snack Talnisa in Flow
(G) Ice_Zetsumei (G) White Delirium (G) Midnight Snack (PG) Talnisa in Flow
Brent (Brent (c) his player) Birfday Card Carmine's AC Badge (Carmine (c) his player) Silverblue (Silverblue (c) her player)
(G) Brent (G) Birfday Card (G) Carmine's Badge (G) Silverblue
Ferrets Ferrets Beija-Flor (Beija-Flor (c) his player) Mecha and Wolf
(G) Ferrets (G) Ferrets (Color version) (G) Beija-Flor (G) Mecha and Wolf
Patchworkbunny (Patchworkbunny (c) her player) Heidi (Heidi (c) her player) Aneska (Aneska (c) her player) Junior Gets Frisky
(G) Patchworkbunny (G) Heidi (PG) Aneska (quick 'n' dirty sketch) (G) Junior Gets Frisky
Hurricane Hannah (lineart) (Hurricane Hannah (c) her player) Hurricane Hannah (colored) (Hurricane Hannah (c) her player) Sekhmet (quick'n'dirty) (Sekhmet (c) her player) Sekhmet (Sekhmet (c) her player)
(PG) Hurricane Hannah (PG) Hurricane Hannah (color version) (PG) Sekhmet (quick'n'dirty) (PG) Sekhmet
Tactical (lineart) (Juli-Cat (c) Ben Nelson) Tactical (Color version) (Juli-Cat (c) Ben Nelson) Wolf Caerrick (Caerrick (c) J. Rogers
(PG) Tactical (PG) Tactical (PG) Wolf (G) Caerrick
Stained Glass Window Bearfoot (character (c) Ben Nelson) Bearfoot (Color version) (character (c) Ben Nelson) Bearfoot (Sepiatone version) (character (c) Ben Nelson)
(PG) Stained Glass Window (G) Bearfoot - Line Version (G) Bearfoot - Color Version (G) Bearfoot - Sepiatone Version
Random Bunny Vineyard Bunny Vineyard Bunny (Complete) Wolf
(G) Random Bunny (G) Vinyard Bunny (G) Vineyard Bunny (Complete Version) (G) Wolf
Shark Wolf Sketch (Commission Test) Wolves (Commission) Sawed Off
(G) Shark (G) Wolf Sketch (G) Wolves (PG) Sawed Off
Was1 Fosbury Lop (sketch) Finish Line (sketch) Trepidation (Charline (c) Charles deC)
(G) Was1 (G) Fosbury Lop (G) Finish Line (PG) Trepidation
Lyndabug and Furrymouse (Characters (c) their players) Tasha's Pool (Tasha (c) D. Sawyer) Klondike (Klondike (c) Ben Nelson) Beasts (AC2k4 Charity Auction concept)
(G) Lyndabug and Furrymouse (G) Tasha's Pool (G) Klondike (G) Beasts
Furrymouse (Character (c) his player) Dalia (Character (c) Lonnie DiNello) Skorzy (Character (c) Jeff Rogers) Shadow Forsythe (Character (c) his player)
(G) Furrymouse (G) BeerHorse (G) Skorzy 'n' Emmy (PG) Shadow Forsythe
Dalia (Character (c) Lonnie DiNello) The Thinkers (Characters (c) Jeff Rogers) Scary Silverblue (Silverblue (c) her player) Sarajevo Sunday
(G) Dalia (Color version) (G) The Thinkers (PG) Scary Silverblue (PG) Sarajevo Sunday
Fluxxx (Character (c) his player) Fluxxx (cat form) (Character (c) his player) Red Ribbon (AC Charity Auction Entry) Fluxx (with BG color)
(PG) Fluxxx (G) Fluxxx Kitten (G) Red Ribbon (G) Fluxxx Again
FrostyW (Character (c) his player) Firefighter Kal-daka  (kal-daka is (c) her player) Mortal Wombat
(G) FrostyW (G) Firefighter (PG) Kal-daka (G) Mortal Wombat
Ringtail Gun (Character (c) his player) Lord Logen Del Lobo (Character (c) his player) (PG) Logen's Three (Characters (c) their players) (G) Trenchcoat Dragon
(PG) Ringtail Gun (PG) Lord Logen Del Lobo (PG) Legen's Three (G) Trenchcoat Dragon
On the Stoop (Characters (c) W. Michael Dooley and D.S. Dooley) Tam and Randy (Characters (c) their players)
(G) On the Stoop (G) Tam and Randy

For art commissions, freelance work, or pricing information, e-mail yours truly, Wolfie, at [email protected] All pics, poses and forms considered.

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